The real estate market is always shifting. While curb appeal is important when promoting and selling a property, it isn’t the only consideration. After all, the majority of homebuyers start their hunt for a property online.

As a result, in order to appeal to this new generation of buyers, real estate professionals must adapt their tactics and procedures. Professional real estate photography is an important part of the process and a powerful marketing tool.

Let’s look at why real estate photography is so essential and how it may help you sell more houses.

What Is the Importance of Real Estate Photography?

Image-based advertising has been around for a long time. This form of advertising, however, has evolved significantly in the age of social media and the internet. The days of hand-drawn real estate listings are long gone.

High-resolution photos, films, and virtual tours have become the norm. As a result, many purchasers overlook properties that lack such material. As a result, real estate photography is critical to the sale of a house.

Check the property pictures before adding another house to your website or favorite real estate app. You may have trouble attracting customers if they aren’t high-quality, well-lit, and professional-looking.

To generate great photos, you don’t need to be a professional real estate photographer. However, if you’ve never shot a home before or your photos aren’t up to par, you might want to read up on how to become a professional listing agent.

How to Take Professional Photographs of Real Estate

Taking real estate photos of a for-sale property using your smartphone may not be enough to impress homebuyers. Multiple types of media and equipment are frequently used in professional real estate photography.

Many of the properties on the market, for example, include aerial drone pictures, 3D virtual tours, and a few dozen high-resolution photographs. You’ll need to match this media to make your for-sale property competitive.

You can do this by:

Drones may be used for aerial photography and videography.

Make a virtual tour in 3D.

Organize an online open house.Engage the services of a professional real estate photographer.

You might feel a bit overwhelmed or unsure if you’ve never used any of these marketing tactics before. So let’s take a quick look at how these approaches operate and what you’ll need to complete the task.

Make use of a drone

Drones have a lot in common with RC planes and helicopters. The main difference between them is how they work. RC cars need regular monitoring and attendance.

Drones, on the other hand, can fly without the use of a remote control. Using a drone to photograph a property is very straightforward since many professional-quality drones follow a pre-programmed flight path, eliminating the need for a pilot.

Even yet, if you don’t already have a drone that can take photos, you could find it difficult to generate high-quality real estate aerial photography. Aerial photography may be equally as important as inside photos, depending on your property.

When looking for a house, purchasers examine both the property and the surrounding area. You could have a hard time finding buyers if you don’t have real estate drone photos.

Fortunately, there are a number of drone types that can take excellent aerial pictures. Hiring an expert real estate photographer that specializes in aerial pictures is the most cost-effective choice.

Make a virtual tour of your home.

Real estate photos, particularly high-definition ones, are still necessary for selling a house. You might improve the competitiveness of your for-sale home even more by including a virtual walkthrough.

real estate marketing and photography tools

When potential buyers see your property, they may explore it using a virtual tour program. This not only assists consumers in deciding whether or not to purchase, but it also builds trust.

Reputable agents strive to present properties in the best and most natural light possible. Homebuyers are aware of this and are more comfortable investing in a house with a virtual walkthrough available online.

Organize a virtual open house.

Many purchasers are hesitant to visit open houses in person. Others may be unable to attend due to distance. When you throw a digital open house, on the other hand, you’re allowing every potential buyer to tour your home.

You’ll need interior panoramas, walkthroughs, and aerial photos to conduct a virtual open house.

Making Matterport 3D scans is also a wonderful idea. These allow internet shoppers to easily explore your for-sale home.

Selecting a Professional Real Estate Photographer

Taking property pictures is not something that every real estate agent is comfortable with or confident with. Professional real estate photographers may take excellent photographs of your for-sale home.

However, picking the correct one may be difficult. Because of the increased need for real estate photographers, more people are becoming real estate photographers. As a result, instead of one or two local alternatives, you may have numerous.

Even so, you may speed up the recruiting process by thinking about your photographer’s:


Portfolio and style of a professional photographer

Price and timetable

Techniques and equipment

The finest real estate photographers usually have several years of expertise, a large portfolio, and services that are reasonably priced. However, if your selected photographer is well regarded, scheduling a session may be difficult. This is why, rather than hiring a single photographer, you should use a real estate photography firm. When a vendor offers multiple expert photographers in the same region, you’ll have lots of choices when the time comes.

It’s also important to think about the equipment and techniques used by your real estate photographer. To obtain the finest image of your listing, professionals should have a DSLR camera, a wide-angle lens, and other equipment.

What is the most effective real estate marketing strategy?

There are a plethora of real estate marketing tools and strategies to choose from. Agents may take use of 3D Real Marketing extensive selection of marketing tools, like HDReal®, to help them choose the right one. Real estate brokers may use our unique automated image processing technology to create outstanding listing photos.

The HDReal system analyses the photos after a 3D Real Marketing listing shot using powerful algorithms to offer you the best chance of attracting purchasers.

As a result, HDReal might be one of the most effective real estate marketing tools on the market. Ones with HDReal photos receive 2X the number of clicks as listings with other professional images.

Find a Photographer for Real Estate in My Area

Professional real estate photography can help you sell your home faster and for more money. Potential buyers may be turned off by listings that lack high-quality photographs or virtual walkthroughs.

Drone photography, digital tours, and high-definition photos are all great ways to boost the marketing of your for-sale home. Image-based advertising is popular and effective, after all.

Are you prepared to step up your real estate marketing game? If that’s the case, make your shoot appointment as soon as possible.