Real estate photography

Aerial photography is one of the best ways to attract real estate buyers. If you’re going to start your real estate business, or make progress in it and take it to the next level, make sure to hire a professional photographer. Stunning and luxurious photos of real estate will give you the chance of good selling in this business. Paying attention to photography skills and taking photos from different angles, could be a game-changer for sellers and also buyers.

Nowadays, real estate photography services are so common and to do so, the photographer will need to use sophisticated equipment and cameras. An expert photographer should be able to correct images after a shoot, stage the rooms virtually and take virtual time-lapse. In this way, potential buyers will be impressed by the various colors of the house throughout the day. Drone photography is another way to take eye-stimulating photos.
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Fortunately, we, as professional real estate photographers, provide you with the best services. So, if you are looking for real estate photography in Irvine, just trust us, and soon, you will be satisfied with the results.

Aerial Photography drones

Thanks to aerial photography, real estate marketing have been taken to new heights. To take beautiful photos in this kind of photography, some items should be considered. For example, the angle of the photos, focal length, and pixel counts are so important.

Cameras that are used for aerial photography have large dimensions. In addition to that, aerial photography cameras have a fixed focal length and the type of lenses in this kind of camera are metric type. The type of camera, flight path, and flight height is designed in a way that the desired photos are taken. Then the camera will automatically take a photo at a specific time interval.

Aerial photography shows you the reality of the subject. In aerial photography, you can send the cameras to height and take fantastic photos.
Real estate photography in Irvine

Our drone videographer will capture breathtaking aerial views of your property. To do so, we use advanced aerial photography drones. Many realtors have trusted us to capture the best property photos for their listing. Our professional editing encourages you to show the listing of your properties with confidence.

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